Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

“When a sales team has the same strategy as that of its competition, the sales experience becomes a commodity. When this happens, they no longer have the ability to differentiate on anything other than product or price. Unless the company is lucky enough to sell a product superior to others, an advantage that is most likely to be short lived, the pricing pressure will result in missing the numbers and drop in profits.”

In the hotel and hospitality industry, the sales and marketing landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before posing challenges, especially for independent hotels to sustain and grow in a highly competitive market.

  • Many of the traditional hotel distribution channels have lost their effectiveness, while new options are flooding the market every month.
  • Due to the restrictions of size and budgets, independent hotels often do not have the liberty to recruit and retain a full – fledged sales and revenue management team. Adding to that, there is no marketing support from franchise driven marketing programs, national sales office, regional sales teams or frequent guest programs to contribute to the hotel’s occupancy.
  • The Property Management systems available to independent hotels often lack the features and functions of those available to franchise properties. Performance benchmarking is another challenge due to the expense and lack of access to market performance reports.
  • If accurate records of the previous years are not maintained, budgeting and occupancy forecasting can be a nightmare. Efficient inventory management is now even more vital, as a slight change in average daily room rates and average occupancy rates can make the difference between profit and loss.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) , Blogs, and optimization strategies for mobiles are not just buzzwords any longer – they’ve grown to be the marketing lifelines which have become more of a necessity.

It’s all about the customer

why-choose-divine-hospitality-consulting-hotel-consultantsIt is crucial for hotels that they identify and convey value differences, due to rate parity and transparency in the pricing, thanks to the Internet which has levelled the playing field for everyone.

Knowing what is being said online about your business, and where it is being said is crucial to your hotel’s success. Today, Hotel booking decisions are influenced more by peer experience when making buying decisions than the traditional advertisements.

Today your hotel’s online reputation is shaped by your customers, not by you, as more and more guests are expressing their views and sharing their hotel experiences on multiple online channels – TripAdvisor, social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube – online reputation management is now, one of the most important aspects of maintaining your hotel’s positive image.

“How do you differentiate your products & services from your competetors?”

It requires dedication and appropriate response system to manage, evaluate, and act by responding to reviews and communicating positively, to convey the message to the guests that you are a proactive hotel owner who cares about your guests’ experience.

At Divine Hospitality Consulting, we understand that independent hotels are often short of experienced staff to manage these systems, there is often time pressure and not enough bandwidth.

Stay Ahead of the competition with us

why-choose-divine-hospitality-consulting-hotel-consultantsDivine Hospitality Consulting is a young and innovative Hotel consulting and Digital Marketing firm, that has the experience and knowledge to increase your hotel’s sales and bring in solid results. We love marketing the independent hotels because it requires creativity, innovation and sales finesse to reach those target markets within the hotel’s budget.

We provide focused and customized hotel sales and marketing solutions to help in solving specific challenges facing the independent hotels, by offering a wide range of Strategic Digital Marketing services, pricing, revenue management and distribution solutions.

Our hotel sales and marketing strategies for hotels are designed to help independent Hotels and Boutique Resorts improve their market penetration and competitive positioning, increase direct revenues, deliver service excellence and increase their profitability.

  • We never use a cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing and revenue management. Instead, we study your property, your market, your location, and understand your goals, conduct a detailed SWOT analysis and then come up with a customized marketing plan to maximize your revenues, and more importantly, maximize profits.
  • With our pro-active digital marketing combined with our forward thinking revenue enhancement strategies, we help you to increase your direct revenue, improve ADR and REVPAR, increase average lengths of stay, and enhance your hotel’s competitive positioning.
  • Our major focus is not just on room revenues but also on the hotel’s direct distribution channel and the total guest value of every guest segment.
  • We work as an extension of your hotel’s sales team, providing strategic guidance to develop, implement revenue and distribution strategies for each season, market segment, and account.

Please browse through our services and contact us for a no obligation initial Consultation to discuss how we can help to increase Your Hotel / Resort’s revenue and to help you win more customers.