Brand Positioning Strategies

Brand Positioning Strategies

As Restaurant Brand Positioning specialists, we at Divine Hospitality Consulting believe that all great restaurant concepts have their unique points of differentiation, the ones that set them apart from the rest of the competition.

Brand positioning for us, however, is about the complete customer experience and it is much more than a logo, cutlery, colour scheme, and decor.

As a part of our brand positioning strategy for your restaurant we help you distinguish the unique elements and points of differentiation that personify your restaurant brand and use them to create a remarkable experience for your customers, right from the time they find about you and step in, to having the meal at your restaurant.

Our aim is to help you create an exemplary restaurant brand which creates loyal customers and delivers outstanding revenues and significant bottom line profits.

Our Brand Positioning Strategy design includes:

  • Creating consistent brand messaging in line and is tailored to your customer segments.
  • Creating brand identity at customer touch points that convey your unique elements of remarkable experience and a strong value proposition which stimulates customer enthusiasm towards your brand.

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